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March 13, 2011

The Job That Almost Broke Me

We have all had a job in our lives of which we are not proud. The reasons for having these jobs from hell are extensive; I needed the money, no other jobs were available, my pimp wasn’t paying me enough, the manager thought I was cute and so I was hoping for special treatment. Whatever our reasons makes no difference. What does matter is that we learn from the mistake, accept that it was a shitty job experience or perhaps write a 5 part series in honour of its terrible memory. I am doing the latter. I have been working at a local wine shop for the past 6 months because I was in training to become a sommelier. I quit two weeks ago. In these 6 months, I have experienced some of the worst employee behaviour, the worst quality in customers, and in the worst working atmosphere that I have ever seen in my entire life. Usually when I write a post I will alter some minor details or combine similar personalities together to make a more dimensional character. Everything you will be reading in this series (aptly called The Job That Almost Broke Me) is 100% true. The only things that will be altered are the names, everything about who they are and all the events that happened are real.

There is one person who especially ruined my life over the past few months. It is this lady (a fellow ‘employee’) that will be starting us off on this adventure. Just so you aren’t terribly confused, I will explain the settings. The tiny wine shop is located in a community mall. The mall is in the center of a ghetto. The people who inhabit the area range from drunks to crack heads to generally unhappy folk.

Now that I think about it… Let’s start there. I want you all to fully grasp the kind of place I willingly put myself into. I want you to relive some of the worst customer experiences with me before you hear how little help my co-workers were.

Part 1: The Mall That Love Didn’t Build…

Part 2: (Coming Soon)

Part 3: (Coming Soon)

Part 4: (Coming Soon)

Part 5: (Coming Soon)

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